3 Most Common Beliefs That Hinder Our Mindfulness

Today, I would like to offer you an opportunity to examine the three most common beliefs that hinder our mindfulness and choice awareness:

  1. When we’re suffering, we may not believe or remember that we have a choice. Every moment is a choice point that can bring about completely different results.

  2. We tend to look for answers outside of us, instead of looking inside ourselves. We are constantly waiting, asking, hoping, that our conditions and the people around us will change, and sometimes end up resenting the fact that it’s not happening.

  3. Mindful words and wisdom are available to us these days. It’s a great thing. But the problem is that sometimes we may confuse knowing and living. Allowing our knowing to lead our living, that’s very different.

What about you? What beliefs are stopping you from leading a more aware, conscious, and mindful life?

I will discuss this topic more during the first term of my brand new Mindful “Attentionist” Coaching (M.A.C.) program, which starts in September 2022. This term is designed for those interested in becoming a Mindful Attentionist self-coach for their own personal journey.

During the three-month term, we will cover the topics of Mindful Attentionism, Choice-awareness, and Choice-making. You will be coached in a group setting to make changes necessary to take charge of your mindful attention, and hence your life.


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