Feeling un-represented in your relationships? Here’s what you can do

“If you can’t change a situation, change the energy around it.”
— Mitra Manesh

Are you able to say “no” compassionately? Often, the inability to say no can lead to unhealthy and unsustainable relationships.

If you consider the many different boundaries you have for different relationships, it’s clear that there are diverse meanings and lines for boundaries. It is not reasonable to expect others to just understand and respect our boundaries all the time.

Mitra has created the three-C framework for setting boundaries in your relationships: Creation, Communication, and Consistency. In this post, we will explore the first C – Creation.

Today’s Practice

Boundaries are versatile in different relationships. For example, the relationship with your child might be different from your relationship with your spouse or partner. They need to be tailor-made for each type of relationship. I invite you to become the architect of you boundaries. Identify and write down the different relationships that you have and start to construct boundaries for each of them.
— Mitra

Understanding Boundaries

What are the boundaries that we are talking about? Learn more about the definitions of boundaries in this video:
We also invite you to listen to this mindful story about Boundaries:

Moving forward with today’s practice

Now that you’ve begun the work of mindfully setting and maintaining boundaries in your relationships, we hope you can incorporate the work of boundary setting into your everyday life. Setting boundaries not only with others, but for yourself as well, can help you achieve a work-life balance and practice self-care more often. If you find yourself struggling with boundaries, remember to return to the 3-Cs or revisit the boundaries story from above. May you find boundaries that give more balance, kindness, and compassion to your relationships. Thank you for reading.


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