“The Peace Studio” asked me what peace means to me… What came up for me surprised me

My peace offering for The Peace Studio:

“I went deep into inquiry of what peace truly means to me. I journaled about it, I meditated on it, and I have to say the result surprised me. I realized I feel a sense of peace when connectedness, unity, and oneness is present, and when I remember I am a cell in the body of life! I shared my findings with my gifted team at Innermap, and Jenn Godoy and Meghan Mann turned it into what we have created. Thank you for provoking this question in me, and thank you to my team for always supporting my work.”

Every night before going to sleep, ask yourself “if I had access to peace tonight, what would I let in, what would I let go, and what would I keep in my awareness and consciousness?” Then let in, let go, and keep that which can give you access to your inner peace while recharging your body, mind, and spirit at night.

To me, the highest power we have as human beings is the power of definition.
when I asked myself about peace, the first association that came to my awareness was
my childhood memory of the movie “War and Peace”, based on Tolstoy’s novel, and later,
about choosing peace and literally walking out of my country of birth, Iran,
in the midst of war.

But today, as a seeker and teacher of truth, my definition of peace is not really about
the absence of war; it’s about awakening and remembering oneness, seeing humanity as
one body, and myself as one cell; a knowing, compassionate, and loving cell.

You see, to me, peace is not a goal and a destination.
It’s a byproduct of living an awakened and conscious life.
When I remember we have come from oneness, and we’re going back to oneness,
I trust, I settle into the flow of the moment, and then I feel a sense of peace.

I don’t’ even think about peace until there
is a war going on inside of me,
and fundamentally, the inner war happens when I forget our connectedness,
and my loving role as a cell in the body of life.

It is in that remembering that I show up in justice with patience and a clear desire to
see, hear, and connect with others with and in peace.

The opposite of peace is not war; it is more a state of a mind unbarred.
Peace is not a destination, as it is an awakening and remembering station.
Peace is a verb in need of a substantial definition.
To me, it’s hearing the unheard and declaring our admission.
It’s seeing the unseen beyond our ambition.
It’s remembering our united mission and condition.

Peace shows up in so many ways: being, feeling, doing.
Being that connects the dots and hence freeing.
Feeling the collective pain and attending
to our healing. Doing something with this opportunity for elevation and renewing.

But above all, peace is letting go of thousands of years of collective separation disease,
cultivating, welcoming, celebrating our connection, please.

More about this peace offering: https://thepeacestudio.org/day-83/


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