3 Easy Tips to Help You Stop Overthinking

During my Overthinking Class, I was asked by one of the students if I ever overthink. I do!

Let me share with you 3 easy tips that I use and that should help you as well:

  1. Take your attention from your thoughts and place it on something else. It can be any of the sensations of the body, like touch, for example. Start by paying attention to your hands and work with your hands.

  2. Listen to something pleasant and use it as an anchor. If your attention goes back to thinking, bring it back to the sound or music of your choice.

  3. Use your sense of sight and focus your attention on looking at a candle, a butterfly, a pleasant picture, or a painting.

Remember: You do not need to stop thinking; you need to manage your attention. The easiest place to start is by paying attention to your senses—touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste.

One of my most popular classes with regards to the number of participants, “How to Get Your Over-Thinking Under Control, Mindfully”, is now available in my store in a pre-recorded version. It’s a class full of deep discussions, vulnerable shares, and mindful insights. I am glad to share it with you today.


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