3 Steps to Becoming an Attentionist

Attentionism is an awakened way of believing, feeling, and living. It’s about taking charge of your attention and learning how to use it intentionally.

Today, I’d like to share with you three steps that can help you become an Attentionist—someone who knows the value of their attention and more importantly, who pays their attention in a way that serves them well:

  1. Decide what is the right place for you to pay your attention to.

  2. Notice when your attention has wandered away from where it was supposed to be. You’ll know something isn’t right when you don’t feel served, satisfied, or in the moment.

  3. Bring your attention back and place it where you intended to pay your attention.
My new program identifies and addresses obstacles, provides strategies, and guides you to learn to live like an Attentionist, with a keen appreciation of your most precious asset—your attention! You’ll learn and earn a well-rounded education that will allow you to live a mindful and choice-ful life while pursuing meaningful career paths.


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