Cleaning Your Relationship Closet

Welcome to Lights On Podcast! My name is Mitra Manesh. I help people to transform their journey from being a survivalist to becoming an Attentionist. Yes, an Attentionist. And this podcast is full of stories and steps of that journey. On behalf of my team, I thank you for your presence and invite you to be an Attentionist by practicing your choice authority, summoning your attention and…

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How Do You Pay Your Attention?

Let’s talk about what attention means to you. I mean, it’s a very obvious one. But the problem with obvious things is that they’re not as obvious and common to everybody. What is attention?

I have a bit of a statistics that was almost frightening! I heard that the 30-second ad for Super Bowl was worth 5.6 million. And do you know how much it was worth

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What Is Attention And How Do We Manage It?

Welcome to Lights On podcast! If you like what you hear and if you’re feeling generous, please rate us five star and share us with others. I’m your host Mitra Manesh. I’m the founder of Innermap, a new mindful storytelling and coaching app. I teach at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center. And for the past 35 years I’ve been coaching my brilliant clients on 4 continents to

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3 Most Common Beliefs That Hinder Our Mindfulness

Today, I would like to offer you an opportunity to examine the three most common beliefs that hinder our mindfulness and choice awareness:

When we’re suffering, we may not believe or remember that we have a choice. Every moment is a choice point that can bring about completely different results.

We tend to look for answers outside of us, instead of

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3 Attributes of a Mindful Attentionist Coach

A Mindful “Attentionist” Coach is an educated and supportive mentor who transforms their own beliefs and behavior and then coaches others on how to do the same.

Today I want to share with you the 3 main attributes of a Mindful Attentionist Coach:

They know the value of their attention, and they invest it wisely.
They have learned how to

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3 Easy Tips to Help You Stop Overthinking

During my Overthinking Class, I was asked by one of the students if I ever overthink. I do!

Let me share with you 3 easy tips that I use and that should help you as well:

Take your attention from your thoughts and place it on something else. It can be any of the sensations of the body, like touch, for example. Start by paying

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3 Steps to Becoming an Attentionist

Attentionism is an awakened way of believing, feeling, and living. It’s about taking charge of your attention and learning how to use it intentionally.

Today, I’d like to share with you three steps that can help you become an Attentionist—someone who knows the value of their attention and more importantly, who pays their attention in a way that serves them well:

Decide what is the

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New Year, New Era, New You | #CLAWellnessChallenge​

To kick off the California Lawyers Association’s first annual wellness challenge, Mitra lead a mindfulness session about navigating a new year and a new normal. Her mindfulness pillars for 2021 are awareness, presence, acceptance, and curiosity. Through a series of questions and answers with the participants, Mitra explains that when we live on autopilot, we over-plan, dwelling on the…

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